Wooden Floor Reglaze

Wooden Floor Reglaze is the application of two additional coats of polyurethane onto existing floorcovering. This adds protection and will lengthen the life of your timber floor.

My floors are looking dull and tired. What can I do?

Depending on the condition of your floor. The answer is usually no. Reglazing is the process of adding extra coats of polyurethane. Annual Reglazing will provide the best results for your wooden floor. Why? Applying another coat of polyurethane to a floor, not only, lengthens your floor’s life, but also, removes small dents and scratches. Not only that, it adds to the layer on your floor, further preserving your wood. Applying the extra coats will make it possible to change your current finish to one of the three options:

  • Lo Sheen
  • Gloss
  • Satin
  • Matte
  • Oiling

Reglazing is a less time-consuming and more affordable option. Firstly, we solvent wash the existing flooring. After that, we lightly sand the existing floorcovering. Before applying two coats of polyurethane. Compared to a full sand and coat, a wooden floor reglaze is so much quicker. This is a direct result of the fact we do not need to sand all the existing floorcovering off, which also reduces the production of dust and overall cost. Reglazing will provide the best results for your wooden floor over time, which is why we highly recommend reglazing your wooden floor annually.

Refinished Polyurethane Floor Sanding

Here are some factors that will affect the suitability of a Wooden Floor Reglaze


The depth of any scratches or dents.


How worn down is the existing polyurethane?


If there are any floor repairs needed.


Unsightly watermarks or stains.

Advantages to Reglazing you Wooden Floors

Removes or significantly reduces the appearance of small imperfections.

Less time-consuming as less sanding is involved.

Less sanding means less dust.

Less expensive, a reglaze could save you up to 50%

Flexibility to change the final finish.

Added an extra layer of protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add another layer of polyurethane to my floor?

Yes, this is a Wooden Floor Reglaze. We highly recommend reglazing once a year. Reglazing can make your flooring more scratch resistant and reduce the appearance of existing imperfections such as light scratching or small dents.

What is the process of Reglazing?

  • Firstly, all Furnishing and personal items including rubbish must be removed from the floor. (For anything that we remove from the floor there will be a Furniture Removal Surcharge)
  • Then your wooden floors will be assessed and confirmed that a wooden floor reglaze will be able to fix all imperfections.
  • Once the floor has been cleared, we will solvent wash the wooden floor to remove all grime and residual.
  • Also, the polyurenthane on your wooden floor will be finely sanded.
  • Lastly, two coats of polyurethane with the finish of your choice will be applied.

When can I walk on my wooden floor?

Depending on the weather, the time before you can walk on your newly reglazed floor can vary. However, the new polyurethane will need to dry first.

How long does it take for the polyurethane to dry?

Polyurethane can take up to 24 hours to dry enough for you to walk on the floors. Afterwards, once the floor is dry. The floor is still sensitive. Obviously, Keep all footwear off the floor. As they will cause damage to your newly refreshed flooring. Animals will cause damage. So it is better to keep them off the newly coated floors until the polyurethane is completely cured. Curing is the process of hardening. This will take 3 to 4 days. Afterwards, all furniture can be resituated. Placing heavy furnishing on the polyurethane before curing may cause indentations.

Why should I reglaze my floors?

Reglazing adds an extra layer of protection to your floors, making them more scratch-resistant.

How often should I Reglaze my wooden floor?

We recommend once a year. This ensures you maintain the appearance of your flooring with added layers for protection.

How much does Reglazing my wooden floor cost?

Reglaze requires less sanding, fewer coats of polyurethane, and less time, saving you up to 50%. Ring today, and we can organize an obligation-free quote.

Is a Reglaze faster than a full Sand and Coat?

Yes, a full sand and coat can take up to 5 to 8 days whilst a reglaze takes up to 3 to 4 days. Weather conditions will affect the drying time.

Do I need to remove my furniture when you work on my wooden floors?

Yes, the floors must be clear of personal items and furnishing prior to our team’s arrival. If our team has to remove any items from the wooden floor then we will charge a furniture moving surcharge. In the event that, our team can not begin working, due to items remaining on the floor. We will charge a call-out fee.